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At Designtex , we aspired excellence from the day of our inception in 1993. Leading from originality and a fashion design heritage, we’ve taken a fresh approach to uniform design that delivers style together with functionality.

So what sets Designtex apart from the others?

Original & Diverse:

We are a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization, and we sell industry direct. Designtex have evolved the concept of work wear and created a specialized range of products for all industries. Now we have a first class reputation for successfully servicing this dynamic and highly resourced marketplace.


Our business model is all about bringing a portfolio of quality uniforms to reflect our client’s vision. We produce high quality products and sell with no middle man margins so you know you are getting great value for money. We move towards our goal of being the most renowned uniform provider in the UAE by nurturing a win-win network of customers and suppliers together.

Ethical Manufacturing:

We are proud to have long-term manufacturing partners in our supply chain network.

Our manufacturers have been audited and adhere to international business practices and ethical standards to create mutual, enduring value for both our clients and suppliers. Without any doute choose the best uniform manufacturers in Dubai.

Exceptional Client Care:

Our team of expert uniform stylists and consultants are the best in the business. Whether a client needs a quick update or a complete overhaul we offer a personalized styling service that will make choosing, altering and fitting of new uniform a great experience.

A strong production base makes it possible for us to meet the sophisticated and sizeable requirements for industries like hospitality, health care and facilities management. Our trained executives can understand the intricacies of various categories of client’s aesthetic and operational requirements. They realize the uniform must reflect a property’s distinctive style, inspire staff to deliver exceptional service and must be created to withstand even the most physically demanding tasks.

Mr. Subhash Mathew,


Mr. Subhash Mathew, an eminent and diligent leader for Designtex has, since its inception, always vocalized his vision to make Designtex synonymous with premium quality.

Sowing the seeds of steady growth for the uniform industry in 1993, Mr. Subhash has been instrumental in offering quality services and products to numerous clients throughout the 30 year legacy of Designtex.

Being a visionary, Mr. Subhash, in the later years, successfully launched LaSuma - a premium workwear brand and Designtex Production FZE.

He believes in constantly endeavouring to be the leading uniform solution provider for the whole of GCC and MENA.

Message from our managing director:

For the last three decades, Designtex has successfully delivered uniforms solutions to numerous clients. We are forever grateful to have had served our clients over the last three decades.

Also, we have had the good fortune of witnessing steady growth and excellence in the uniform industry.

At Designtex, we pride ourselves on the fact that it has successfully dodged various challenges with grace. In the last three decades, the world has been a witness to unfortunate events, volatile markets, and events. They have overthrown and caught off guard even the most powerful businesses in the middle eastern region.

Our team - the driving force of Designtex - has been instrumental in taking prudent financial and strategic decisions in the face of untoward events and guiding the organization to excellence all the time. All this without compromising the values and integrity of the company.

Our key strategic imperative now is to shift our focus to providing all-in-one uniform solutions. We shall work continuously to provide our customers with service and quality products at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being the customer’s first choice, which is also our mission."

- Subhash Mathew

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