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Custom uniforms are a great way for businesses and corporations to make a favorable impression on their clients and customers. Not only do they help a great deal in presenting a favorable picture to visitors and buyers, they also help the organizations create and spread its brand identity. Custom clothing for employees of a business makes use of different types of colors and branding to take the message of the company across. The right fit, high quality branding, and quality fabric will all come together to impress customers, and keep them coming back.

Our tailor-made business clothing choices will bring out the best in your people, and give them a sense of pride about where they work as well.

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Corporations, Companies or Association Uniforms

Custom and readymade designs for business and corporate employees.

Restaurants & Hotels Uniforms

Kitchen-friendly formal and duty-oriented clothing.

Spa, Parlor and Saloon Uniforms

Hygiene-oriented and stain-resistant clothing for beauty establishments.

Educational Uniforms

Formal, classic and modern selection for academic institutions.

Healthcare Uniforms

All kinds of apparel and accessories suited for the medical environment.

Bank / In-mall Shops & Retailers

Clothing that highlights company branding, making employees easily recognizable.

Events & Tourism Companies

Range of customizable upper wear and many colors for travel businesses and special events.

Sports, Religious, Community Groups

Flexible and durable clothing items for sporting and group activities.

Security Uniforms

Security uniforms need to be comfortable and offer a vast range of utility

Family Traditions

Comfortable and stylish clothing sets for special family events

Chef Uniforms

Working long hours in the heat of a large kitchen, with several different utensils

Housemaid Uniform

Housemaid uniforms and nanny attire give domestic staff and household workers

Specification of Readymade & Custom uniforms


We offer an exclusive range of uniforms in Dubai and in various fabrics including polyester and cotton.


We provide both ready-made and bespoke sizes, ensuring your employees the perfect fit


You can choose from a wide range of colors to suit various styles


We’re experts in styling the perfect look for each individual

How We Work


Choose from our offerings or send us your own design and specifications, which we will make for you.


We finalize the design, fabrics, other details and terms

Fitting & Delivery

We are highly committed towards delivering on your exact requirements, including branding and clothing specifications in the timeframe we agreed on.