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If your hospital or medical center is thinking of buying or replacing their nurses and staff uniforms, the best idea is to buy from a place that you can trust for reliability. Instead of spending on just any brand, opt for a reputable hospital uniform manufacturer in UAE such as Design Tex, and benefit from our range of operation theater dress, lab coats and patient wear, all of which have been made to last you long.

Our medical uniforms, including aprons and doctor coats are not just comfortable to wear for long hours in the hospital, but also come with a number of useful features for the hospital, such as germ and stain resistance. Despite offering extremely affordable rates in the Dubai market, we ensure zero compromise on the quality. They are designed using fabrics that are light and breathable and suitable for sensitive skin, making it ideal for every skin type. To explore our collection or to avail of our hospital uniform manufacturing service, send us an inquiry today!

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Nurse Scrub Suit

Our exclusive collection of durable scrubs suits is ideal to wear for long hours in the hospital.

Nurses Uniforms

High quality and long-lasting nurse uniforms designed in breathable and skin-friendly material.

Scrub Dress

Our hospital scrub dresses are manufactured using high-quality material and is available in a range of attractive colors and designs.

Doctors Lab Coat

Our exclusive medical uniform collection includes doctor’s lab coats which are available in various sizes and made of excellent quality fabric.

Shirts Uniform

Different types shirt colors and fabrics to have them last long and resist stains. The materials used are light on skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Apron / Cap Uniform

Large variety of aprons, caps and hospital accessories in quality material. Varied sizes and styles available to suit your specific requirements.

Neck Tie / Scarf Uniform

Extensive variety of ties and scarves available in plain colors that go perfectly well with every hospital uniform.

Medical Shoes

Breathable footwear for comfort during long hour shifts in the hospital. Available in different sizes and styles.

Patients Gown

Comfortable and hygiene-friendly gowns for patients, suitable for wearing all day. They are designed using quality and breathable fabrics.

Jacket / Suit / Blazers

White and colored professional upper wear for medical professionals. Our medical uniforms are in line with the specific requirements of hospitals in Dubai.

Vest / Waist Coat

Vests and waistcoats for medical personnel to create a symmetrical, comfortable, yet formal look.

Trousers / Pants / Skirt

Range of comfortable and durable lower wear for men and women. Available in various sizes and are suitable to wear for long hours.

How We Work


As one of the leading hospital uniform manufacturers in UAE, we offer an extensive variety of medical uniforms. Alternatively, you can send us a design sample along with your preferred specifications.


Once you have made your selection from our medical uniforms collection, our design team then finalizes the design, fabrics and other details. With years of experience, we understand the varied requirements of medical uniforms in Dubai and ensure to integrate them in our designs.

Fitting & Delivery

We take full responsibility of making sure the branding of your clothing and uniforms is according to your requirements.