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Security uniforms need to be comfortable and offer a vast range of utility. Depending on the environment, the person on duty needs to have several advantages from the attire.

One of these includes fire-retardant materials. Along with this, these people need good fits, fabric that can handle sweat, and be printed easily with security company logos.

Our security uniforms in the UAE are made with a view to delivering the best to the customer. Alongside fit, durability, and comfort, they also offer a high range of customizability, excellent stitching, and skin-friendly garment.

The uniforms come in various sizes and can also be customized against your specific size and requirement. If you are on the lookout for reliable and professional security uniform suppliers in Dubai, we have the ideal solution for you. Affordable prices coupled with prompt delivery allow us to assure customers of being in the right hands. Give us a call today or send in an inquiry with your requirements and we’ll be in touch.

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Shop Security Guard Uniforms

Create secure feeling for your visitors in UAE with our security uniforms perfect for several hours’ use.

Armored Car Security Work Wear

Apparel offering features required for travel in armored cars.

Restaurant Security Uniforms

Customizable clothing for security personnel outside restaurants in UAE.

Night Club Bouncer Uniforms

Plain black yet dominant clothing for bouncers at clubs.

Mall Security Uniforms

Mall owners in UAE can now keep their visitors safe with our mall security uniforms.

Security Manager Uniforms

Uniforms for security managers to make them easily recognizable.

Police Officer Uniforms

Versatile and customizable uniforms for higher comfort.

Security Supervisor Uniforms

Different colors and attire types for senior security staff.

Specification of Readymade & Custom Uniforms


Polyester, cotton or as per your requirementPolyester, cotton or as per your requirement


As per your requirement


As per your requirement


Standard packing used


Depends on the order quantity and material used

Minimum order quantity

As per your requirement

How We Work


Choose from our ready-made designs, or send us your own design and specifications for manufacturing.


We finalize the design, fabrics, other details and terms

Fitting & Delivery

We ensure and are responsible for high quality branding of your uniforms or clothes, and their delivery as agreed.