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Most useful features to include in maid uniforms 

There is no way to Imagine hospitality industry without uniforms. Whether it's a small hotel or a massive international chain, uniforms are an integral of the job for a good reason! 

Right from hotel staff uniforms, front desk uniforms, restaurant uniforms and maid uniforms contribute to the overall aesthetic of your brand and are an important aspect that is a part of the elegance and spectacle of the hotel industry. The maid uniforms also offer a high level of comfort, style, versatility and much more so that the staff can stay productive without potentially being restricted in their movement. 

In a hotel, housekeeping employees or maids are very easy to spot. The housekeeping maids are the ones who organize and maintain guest rooms and other public areas of a hotel, working with cleaning supplies, or delivering fresh bedding. They also work in lobbies, lounges, conference and banquet rooms, and guess what they all have in common – they are all neatly dressed in their housekeeping attire. The result? They are easily recognizable and always look neat and professional. Yes, that's what a good housekeeping maid uniform does. By choosing the right housekeeping maid uniform Dubai you can ensure that your staff look smart and make a good impression on your customers.

If you run a hospitality business and you are looking maid uniform Dubai you need to keep in mind that housekeeping is physically demanding and it keeps your staff busy most of the time. Hence while choosing housekeeping or maid uniform Dubai, you should not just blindly go for the design or style but also give priority to comfort and functionality. Including practical features to the uniform can make a positive difference because it allows your staff to be comfortable and complete their tasks more efficiently. Take a look at some of the useful features that you can consider for your housekeeping uniforms.

Flexible sleeves

Uniforms that are restrictive are not helpful for roles that demand a lot of physical activity. Sleeves that are multi-functional are ideal for housekeeping uniforms where the sleeves can be adjusted. For formal appearances, the staff can wear long sleeves, such as assisting customers, or when the weather is cold. When staff needs to do physical tasks such as cleaning, long sleeves should be able to be transformed into shorter sleeves. Short sleeves can be an ideal choice for maid uniform Dubai as they help to keep the staff cool when the weather is warmer and also allow the arms freedom of movement. Sleeves that can transform into either the long or short sleeve style is considered as an ideal choice as it save money by providing just one type of uniform instead of providing summer and winter uniforms.

Small pockets with zip 

There are always small items that are important but easily lost. These handy things can be difficult to carry from place to place if your hands are full, such as hex keys and other tools which help to fix the maintenance issues on the spot. Small pockets with zips offer enough storage space for the staff to carry small items like hex keys without losing them, especially when their hands are full. 

Storage for an ID card 

Storage for an ID card within the uniforms allows staff to securely carry their card around with them freely. It is especially important for staff who need to use a key card to enter multiple hotel rooms, also in areas with restricted access without needing to constantly hold it. This also stops them from storing it in unsafe places, such as on top of the housekeeping trolley, where it could easily be lost or even stolen.

Belt buckles for keys

Pockets may not be enough to keep large bunches of keys as it will be uncomfortable when kept in trouser or skirt pockets. With a reinforced fabric loop, keys can be hooked or clipped onto the uniform, ensuring that they are not misplaced and remain with the staff at all times and they don’t get in the way of the work that needs to be done. 

Large pockets for paperwork 

Housekeeping staff often deal with a number of paperwork like cleaning checklist, or room list to ensure that cleaning standards are maintained and the tasks are checked off. These papers require to be kept with them as the staff progress through their day. If there’s no proper storage, these bits of papers can be easily lost. An apron or similar with large pockets can be used for storage and easy access to paperwork. 

Storage for a pen 

Housekeeping staff cannot get away without a pen as it helps jotting down reminders, making a note of any maintenance issues and for marking progress through allocated work for the day etc. Uniforms with elasticated storage pen pockets can be easy to carry a pen at all times so that they have it to hand whenever they need it.