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All you need to know about operation theatre clothing

Medical scrubs are an integral part of operation theatre clothing. The practice of wearing scrub suits emerged after the year 1950 after Joseph Lister, also known as father of Antiseptic surgery, discovered ways to prevent infection in wounds. He understood that microorganisms spread from unhygienic clothing that surgeons wore in the beginning of 19th century which led to infection related problems like sepsis in patients even after the surgery was successfully completed. He strongly believed that surgeons should wear clean clothing to prevent the spread of infection in the patient's wounds and protect themselves from being in contact with the patient’s bodily fluids, this discovery thus made surgery a safe process and saved millions of lives thereafter. 

 At Designtex Uniforms, we manufacture high quality scrub suits that follow the medical standards and guidelines in UAE. We not only provide easily washable and durable scrubs for surgeons and nurses but also we provide the complete operation theatre work gear that includes sterile surgical masks, tight fitting surgical caps, disposable latex gloves and protective shoes. We are one of the best suppliers of medical uniforms in the UAE. Our manufacturing capacity also enables us to provide customized scrubs that match your individual demands.